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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas is coming.. everywhere in singapore u can see the christmas spirit coming up! but this year's christmas decorations seem rather plain and boring as compared to previous years'. nevertheless, i think the esplanade is a terrific place to celebrate a quiet and peaceful christmas, with beautiful scenery, ear-pleasing music and pretty lightings!they just look so compatible together. hahahahhaha... sweet..:)

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

today we were supposed to send Xinyi off at the airport. She's going HK!! The funny thing is Hanxi is going there and they were on the same plane, going HK on the same day, coming back on the same day too! what a coincidence! However, in the end, we did not go to the airport and the outing was changed to ECP. I really think friends in a big group should go ECP to have fun! I had a fun time screaming, practicing my soprano skills. Why am I so easily frightened? Sigh..

Anyway, we cycled to Carl's Junior for breakfast [their MONSTER BREAKFAST is yummy!] and cycled back. Then, it rained. How nice! Nevertheless, we really had a great time bonding! this is the shortest stats gang outing and one of the happiest ones.
Sorry, I wanted to include photos but I don't know how to rotate the photo. LOL.. they are all in my facebook.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Exams are over.Dramas are starting.money is going.

Like I promised the ES people, this blog is here to stay! but something has to go. The template. It suits the module but not me. From now on, this blog is not about interpersonal effectiveness or professional communication. Its about me, myself and I. Its not as if the things I wrote for ES is fake,...but you know..you know what I mean. Sorry Brad:)

Thanks to Weiting, I can now see my tiramisu every time I blog! I wanted to find one with all cakes and pasteries but this is the nicest one I could get.

Photos taken on 29th Nov 2008 - The end of hell semester 1.

The xiao long baos that xiu wen has been craving [I think crystal jade ones are more tasty]

I was worrying about uploading the photos on facebook. cox, not all the stats gang people have finished their exams, and here we are, going out, taking photos, having a feast. not so nice. but well, i guess they wun come to my blog cox they are SUPPOSED to be mugging.

anticipating 4th Dec 2008, airport outing..................:)

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

(l realised I do not have a photo of the whole class! Let's take one before the sem ends!)

Oh my god! This is the last blog assignment for the module! Time really flies. It seems like yesterday when I was cracking my head to think of what to write for the first blog of my life. Ok, this sounds clichéd. Is writing cliché phrases what I have learnt in this professional communication module? Of course not!

Reflecting on what I have written for my first blog post, I have definitely gained a deeper understanding of communication. I used to think that communication only involves the talking and the listening. I was so wrong! Communication is beyond verbal communication. Non-verbal communication, social networking, business correspondence, resume, cover letters, presentation and blog, they are all the different ways to communicate with others to bring across certain ideas. In addition, there were many things that I had learnt in the past that were actually incorrect. Thanks to my fellow classmates and Brad for educating me on the correct ways to communicate with others. I know this is not what should come out from my own mouth, but I think that my communication skills have improved slightly since taking up this course. At least, I am now not afraid to speak up in class (though there’s still a big room for improvement). Also, I have interacted well with some of my classmates and built up a strong friendship with them. Well, I am still the one writing minutes during group discussions but at least for now, I am writing higher quality minutes.

On the other hand, my opinions on communication being an art and something that is so complicated have not changed. I still have my constraints and “phobia” when I talked to professionals. Interview is still my biggest enemy, as I can never overcome my fear, anxiety and stress when it comes to interviews. This is still the case after the mock interview during class. (No, Lyon, I do not hate you for asking me what 9 to the power of 3 is. Instead, I want to thank you for making the mock interview such a real one, giving me a chance to practice my interview skills.) I hope I would be able to conquer my fears one day and impress the interviewers with my eloquence.

I believe communication is one thing that needs practise. That is why I would probably continue posting my own opinions on issues on this blog after the module is over because communication is never over. We have to communicate in one way or another for our whole lifetime!

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

My name is Seah Pei Rong. I am 20 years old and I am currently pursuing my second year of undergraduate studies in the National University of Singapore. Since secondary school, Mathematics has always been an area of interest for me. In order to pursue my passion, I have decided to major in Statistics and Applied Probability. During my course of study, I have learnt many statistical softwares and analytical skills which can aid me in doing statistical analysis. I would describe myself as an independent and responsible person who would try my best in doing everything that is assigned to me. Being the secretary of a club in Junior College has trained me further in leading fellow students. It has also taught me to work effectively in a team. My goal in life is to take up any challenges that come to me without fear and treat them as invaluable learning experiences.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

As a year 2 science student, I do not have much experience in doing research report. My only knowledge of projects came from the project work in Junior College. So, when I know that we have to do a research paper for the module, all that I could think was “How did I manage to do my project work in JC?”

However, after almost 1 month of researching and writing drafts for the research report, I finally came to know the tips and the professional way of writing a research report. During the research project, I have a positive learning experience as I have managed to acquire skills on communications, interpersonal relationships, as well as writing reports.

During the first week of the “official start” of the research project, we were supposed to think of the potential topics for the research. It was during this phase of the project that I have learnt to always think from the others’ point of view. In the past, when we could choose our own team mates for the project, I was often the one insisting on doing the topic I suggested. I was stubborn and did not listen to the others for their opinions. However, this time round, I am grouped with Xin Yi and Jun Yen whom I am not familiar with. I cannot possibly be so stubborn as I do not really know Jun Yen well. Through this, I can finally understand the importance of listening to others as there are many areas which I did not consider that Xin Yi and Jun Yen brought up.

In addition, I have learnt to be more patient and understanding. During the project, the three of us had many assignments and tests going on at the same time. There were times when the other 2 members were busy with their work and I was the only one free. I have learnt to understand their situations and helped them with their parts for the project because I knew that they would also help out if I were the one who was busy.

I acquired the most skills for the project when we were writing the drafts for the report. Before studying this module, I do not know/forget the exact format of a formal letter, the ways to design surveys and the wonders Microsoft Word and Excel can do. As I am not technology savvy, I had a hard time initially, trying to use Microsoft Excel to draw the graphs for the survey findings. Fortunately, Xin Yi and Jun Yen gave me tips to the many functions in Word and Excel. They constantly “WOW” me with the things Excel can do. I came to realize that Excel is the smartest software ever. I have also learnt from Brad some aspects of the report which are not found in the course book. For example, he taught us that it is important to extend the axis of the graphs to 100% so as not to confuse the readers and the proper ways to write the interpretations for the survey findings. The things he taught us came from his own experience and are definitely priceless.

Overall, I have gained tremendous knowledge on writing research report as well as various ways of professional communication. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Xin Yi and Jun Yen for making my project experience a wonderful one.

acknowledgement: www.wetherobots.com/2008/06/16/meeting-time/

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Korea has recently become a popular tourist destination due to the influx of Korean drama in the media. When I knew that my family had decided to go there during my 3 months vacation, I was exuberated! I have always wanted to go there to experience the Korean culture but little did I know I will be experiencing a little cultural shock.

The trip was ok until the tour guide, Vincent brought us to this famous shopping district called Dong Dae Mun. My sister and I happily went into the shopping centre hoping to get a really good bargain. Our happy moods were dampened when we went into the shopping centre. The place was so crowded and we were shocked when Korean ladies started pushing and squeezing to get through without saying “excuse me”. Well, in Singapore, it has almost become a habit to say the special words when met with such situations. To add on to our frustration, when we said “excuse me”, no one responded, so we ended up doing the same. I guess such situations are considered to be normal in Korea because firstly, I think they are used to not saying “excuse me”. Secondly, English Language is not their first or second language thus they might not understand us. Probably, if we said “excuse me” in Korean, they would give way to us politely?

It was only when our tour guide, Vincent talked about the cultures of Korea, did I realise that Korea is actually very different from Singapore. Vincent mentioned one of the culture differences is that gender inequality still exists in Korea. He was shocked when he saw Singaporean men carrying their wives’ bags while they shopped. Apparently, men are considered the “heaven” in Korea. It is a taboo for men to carry ladies’ bags and even for men to walk beside their wives. The man is supposed to walk infront while the woman trails behind. It is hard to believe, but I actually saw such situations. Also, Vincent said that his family is one of the few traditional families in Korea. His whole family has to stand at the door to greet his father when he returns from work. Not only that, when it is dinner time, the men of the family will have their dinner first followed by the women. Oh my god! I am so glad that I do not have to go through that. In addition, some Koreans still retain the tradition of not addressing their friends or colleagues by their names. Instead, they call each other “brother” or “sister”. This is such a huge contrast to Singapore where youngsters can call their older colleagues by their names or greet them with a “Hey!” or “Yo!”.

Another culture of Korea would be Koreans are very patriotic. They would prefer to use products bearing the local brands. Koreans will most likely carry Samsung or LG handphones or drive Hyundai cars. They would try not to use Japanese brands if possible because of their hatred towards them due to World War II. Well, Singapore was under Japanese Occupation for 3 years and 8 months but we are still using Fujitsu laptop, Olympus camera etc. Not that Singaporeans are not loyal to Singapore, it is just that our country is so small, we cannot afford to boycott Japanese products and come to think of it, Singapore does not have many of its own locally made products.

The trip to Korea is really a very memorable and good experience for me. I can not only know and experience myself the cultures of Korea but also appreciate my own culture and not take it for granted. I like Korea but learning from their patriotism, I LOVE SINGAPORE! ( I always felt this way when I came back from overseas, probably because I cannot get used to the other foreign cultures.)
PS: The Korean cultures mentioned above happen only in some families, not all.
(edited on 3rd October 2008 10:12am)

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